Modern Asian Cuisine

Dinner Menu
Seoul Poutine 9.5 (v)
fried kimchi, beef Bulgogi, hand cut russet, spicy garlic mayo, sour cream, cheese

Fried Brussels Sprouts 9.5  (v)
crispy rice,  soybean vinaigrette , crushed seasame seeds

Big Mac Spring Roll (2ea) 9
ground beef, cheddar cheese, gherkin, lettuce, house spicy  sauce

Grilled Chicken Skewer (2ea) 9
Scallion, chicken dark meat, choice of Korean Spicy BBQ sauce or Japanese Teriyaki Sauce

Charred Asian Eggplant & Leek Borani  Dip 12 (v)
zaater, mint, yogurt, pomegranate, wonton chips

Soy Butter Chicken Liver Mousse 13
Cumbraes Chicken liver, Dear Grain Sourdough, olives, House Pickles

Savory Fig Salad 13.5 (v)
Mixed green, radicchio, pomegrante, roasted pecan, sumac tahini dressing

Handmade  Lobster & Shrimp Dumpling Bao (3ea) 14
lobster shrimp meat, bisque, garlic chips

 Sushi Taco (4ea) 13.5
Sashimi grade ahi tuna, avocado, tobiko, furikake, crispy gyoza shell,

  Crispy Calamari  14
pickled chili, cilantro, 5 spices, ssambal aioli

  Handmade Steam Bun Sandwich
  Pulled Pork (2ea) - XO sauce, scallion, cilantro, cucumber                           11.5
Asian Fried Chicken (2ea) - spicy aioili, lettuce, pickled red onion                    11.5       

Crispy Panko Eggplant (2ea) -Sweet & chili sauce, Asian slaw                             10.5(v)
Shrimp Croquette (2ea) - lettuce, house tartare sauce                                            12.5    
Korean BBQ Ribeye (2ea) -aged ribeye, scallion, kimchi, garlic mayo      14.5

Korean Beef Tartare 15
 cumbraes tenderloin, Asian pear, egg yolk, Korean BBQ sauce, crispy chips

The Roll of Dundas (season.2) 15.5
sushi rice, nori, tempura black tiger shrimp, avocado,crab, cucumber, smoked salmon, horseradish

   Sicheun Spicy Kung Pao Chicken Noodle (v) 18.5
 sicheun peppercorn, dried chili, stir fried vegetable, almond crumbles

          Vege lover’s Bibimbab (on hot skillet iron pan)  14 (v)

(Add pulled pork & sous vide egg+4)
rice, sauteed vegetable, breaded tofu, green, choice of spicy gochujang or soy deglazed sauce

Caleb’s Miso Ramen 15
pulled pork, smoked bacon pork & chicken broth, noodle, Sous-vide egg

Fried Chicken Donburi 17
rice, egg, shitake soy jus, mushroom, onio

AAA Beef Bulgogi Burger w fries 19
house baked brioche bun, beer mustard, cheddar, caramelized onion, smoked bacon, Gochujang aiol
i, lettuce

6HR Braised Coconut Beef Rendang Curry 21
steam rice, chili, almond crumble, flat bread

   Slow  Roasted Crispy & Juicy Pork Belly Ssam 22
lettuce, ssam & ginger scallion sauce, fried kimchi

Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Katsu w  Japanese Curry 24
chicken breast, panko, caramelized onion, rice

Umami Seafood Linguine 25
    black tiger shrimp, scallop, calamari, crispy garlic, nori dust,  lobster bisque, dashi, parmesan

Baked Miso Black cod 26
Pan sauté mushroom, miso mixed green salad

Pan Seared Cumbraes Duck Breask 32
14 oz breast, steam bun and cabbage, ginger scallion sauce, spicy hoisin, chili oil, chinese sipces and herb

30 Days Dry Aged Ribeye Steak Frites 35
12 oz Cumbraes ribeye, garlic soy jus, small market vegetable